Karin Petra Freiling, the initiator of this project, directs the “Center for Healthy Living and Motivated Learning for Humans and Animals” in Klosterseelte near Bremen, Germany. Since early childhood, it was a matter of the heart for her to practise and communicate connection and oneness between humans and animals. She discovered multiple ways of communicating with animals, inspired and supported by her spiritual teacher, priest and neighbour Johannes as well as her grandfather. She conducted her Master’s thesis on the interaction between pygmy chimpanzees and zoo visitors in several zoos in Germany. In the mid 90s, she discovered the Tellington TTouch as an essential way of interspecies communication. Working closely with Linda Tellington-Jones, she became certified in the Tellington TTouch method for companion animals and a TTouch Instructor for humans called “TTouch for You - Integrating Body Mind and Spirit”. She currently teaches workshops in whole-brain and brain friendly learning and has developed an improved method for optimized learning and reading. She is an animal behavioural therapist certified in the fields of psychotherapy and dog physiotherapy, an NLP Master and lecturer for brain fitness at a leading German academy.  The interspecies connection project represents her PhD research at Wisdom University.
A friend is a friend is a friend forever.
The Background .
“Open your heart - feel the spirit - see the beauty”
Interspecies Connection Worldwide
All species. One Planet. One Vision