All species. One Planet. One Vision
There is connection between all beings on this planet. Man cannot exist without the honey bee and dogs admire their owners. These are only two small examples for the infinitely interwoven connection and communication. Why does a crow choose to care for a cat? Why does an elephant rescue children from the dangers of a tsunami? Why do whales sing? Why do some cats and dogs chase each other whilst others go to bed together every night hugging? Many persons have devoted their lives to studying all kinds of interspecies relationship. Amongst them are familiar sounding names like Jane Goodall, Rupert Sheldrake, Linda Tellington-Jones, Roger Mugford, Joan Ocean, but also persons we might not have heard of yet, like China-Mike, Jamie Sieber or Karin Freiling. All have one thing in common: They CARE. The goal of this project is to bring together as extensively as possible the knowledge we have worldwide about interspecies connection and to gather lots of examples in filming and writing. The final outcome will be a book and a block-busting movie sharing all the fascinating connections and passing on the wonderful experiences we all can learn from. This Website is for all who care for a better understanding between all beings and more respect and harmony on and for this mother earth.
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“Open your heart - feel the spirit - see the beauty”
Interspecies Connection Worldwide
Whatever you feel for another being deep within your heart, it feels the same for you. (Dr. André Freiling)
Interspecies Connection Worldwide  A Project for the World